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Every Christian should download this app to share God's wonderful story of his love for mankind and a way of redemption.


Un-Reached People Groups

There are still more than 3400 unreached people groups who have never had ``One Chance to Hear the Gospel``

We've had thousands of refugees coming to our churches and asking about God. This app is perfect for sharing God's story from our native Swedish into Arabic and Persian! We are so excited to begin using it!

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Download the app to your smartphone and you can instantly begin to share God's story from your native language to another language. This app can be used to evangelize the nations. Share the Story, Share the App!


We encourage you to share the stories with someone personally.

It’s easy! Select your language, then let them select their language.

Select the story from the menu icon
Start from the beginning, take your time by swiping left through the stories from the beginning to the end.

If they ask questions, answer as best you can. If you like to follow up more extensively go here Story Follow up Questions

When you finish one story, click on the menu bar and select the next story.
It’s important to go in Chronological order and continue until the end.

Easy to use Easy to share. The app is designed to give One Chance For Every Person. One Chance For Every Person is where OCFEP comes from. We believe that every person born should have at least One Chance to hear the Gospel and make a decision.

  • Multiple Languages
  • Easy Swipe
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  • Chronological Story Telling with Mission One Eleven
    Pioneer Missionary Nick Sartoris shares God's story with the Mursi tribe in Ethiopia.


    Chronological Storytelling of the Bible is a method in which the stories of the bible are told in an easily understood oral format to show the overarching message of God’s redemptive plan. Orality (noun) Preference for or tendency to use spoken forms of language. Every culture throughout history has used orality to pass down various traditions that make up said culture; be it proverbs, songs, chants, stories, etc. Even still, there are 4 billion oral learners worldwide which present those reaching these cultures with a unique task.

    • 60-75% of all people are oral learners.

      - 1 billion people worldwide are oral learners by choice, even though they are literate.


      62% of the world’s population will not grasp a taught concept if you teach it in a solely literate way.

    • ACCESS

      70% of people worldwide do not have an alphabet for their heart language.


    This team has a heart for sharing the gospel using all technology available to give at least One Chance For Every Person.

    The Stories

    ``One Chance for Every Person`` to hear Gods Story

    Here is a short sample from Story 9 in three languages


    Story 9-The Passover

    1. Abraham and Isaac’s descendants, the Israelites, were living as slaves in Egypt. It was a terrible time. When they cried to God to save them, God gave them a leader, Moses. Moses went to Pharaoh on behalf of the Israelites and told him to let God’s people go.

    2. Pharaoh refused, therefore, God sent many plagues over Egypt. Every plague was very difficult for the Egyptian people. Still, Pharaoh refused to let the Israelites go. Finally, Moses went to Pharaoh and told him, “This is what the Lord says, ‘At midnight, I will go throughout all of Egypt.

    3. Every firstborn son in Egypt will die, from the firstborn son of Pharaoh to the firstborn of all the cattle as well. Since you did not obey me and did not let the Israelites go, you will be punished in this way.’”

    4. If the Israelites were to be saved from this, they had to believe in God and obey Him. God told them exactly what they were to do. They had to do it exactly as God told them, just as Noah had to build the ark exactly as God had directed him.

    5. God told them that they had to take a lamb, one for each household. The lamb they were to choose had to be perfect, like the lamb that was offered instead of Isaac had to be perfect. They were to slaughter the lambs the same evening that the Lord would go through the land.

    Russian / Pусский

    Рассказ 9-Пасха

    1. Потомки Авраама, Исака, израильтяне, жили как рабы в Египте. Это было ужасное время. Когда они взывали к Богу что бы спасти их, то Бог дал им лидера, Моисея. Моисей пошёл к фараону ради израильтян и сказал ему что бы он отпустил Божий народ.

    2. Фараон отказался; поэтому Бог послал много страданий на Египет. Каждое страдание было очень ужасным для Египетского народа. Но фараон продолжал противостоять, что бы отпустить Израильский народ. В конце концов Моисей пришёл к фараону и сказал ему:” Так говорит Господь, в полночь я пройду через Египет.

    3. Тогда все первенцы сыновья в Египте умрут, от фараона первенца до всего перворождённого крупного рогатого скота. Потому,  что ты не послушал меня и не отпустил Израильтян, это будет твоё наказание таким образом.”

    4. Если израильтяне спасутся от этого, тогда они будут вынуждены поверить в Бога и слушаться Его. Бог рассказал им точно что им надо будет делать. Они вынуждены были сделать то, что Бог сказал, также как Ной  который нуждался в построении ковчега исполнить Божий приказ.

    5. Бог сказал им,  что им надо взять одного ягнёнка для каждого жилища. Ягнёнок которого они выберут, должен быть чистый, без единого пятна, такой же, как тот который был принесён в жертву вместо Исака. Они должны заколоть ягнёнка в тот же вечер, как только Господь придёт через всю страну.

    Swedish / Svenska

    Berättelse 9 – Påsken

    1. Abraham och Isaks ättlingar, israeliterna, levde som slavar i Egypten. Det var en fruktansvärd tid. När de ropade till Gud att rädda dem, gav Gud dem en ledare, Mose. Mose gick till farao för israeliternas räkning och sa åt honom att släppa Guds folk.

    2. Farao vägrade; därför sände Gud många plågor över Egypten. Varje plåga var väldigt svår för det egyptiska folket. Men farao vägrade fortfarande att släppa israeliterna. Till sist gick Mose till farao och sa till honom: ”Så säger Herren, vid midnatt ska jag gå fram genom Egypten.

    3. Då ska alla förstfödda söner i Egypten dö, från den förstfödde hos farao ända till allt förstfött bland boskapen. Eftersom du inte löd mig och släppte israeliterna, så blir du bestraffad på det här sättet.”

    4. Om israeliterna skulle räddas från detta, var de tvungna att tro på Gud och lyda Honom. Gud berättade för dem exakt vad de skulle göra. De var tvungna att göra det exakt så som Gud sagt, precis som Noa behövde bygga arken exakt som Gud befallde.

    5. Gud sa till dem att de behövde ta ett lamm, ett för varje hushåll. Lammet de skulle välja behövde vara felfritt, såsom lammet som offrades istället för Isak behövde vara felfritt. De skulle döda lammen samma kväll som Herren skulle gå fram genom landet.


    A little help from our friends.

    Finished Translations

    En- English   (Tamara Gutel)

         English Audio (Jon Slagle)

    Sw- Swedish    (Felicia Oosten)

         Swedish Audio (Simon Collén)

    Ar- Arabic   (Sarah) 

         Arabic Audio (Michel Nater) 

    Pr- Persian (Jahani Rubik)  

    Sp- Spanish  (Ana Carlson)

    Ro- Romanian (Mirela Blakely)

    Tk- Turkish  (Soren Disby)

    *the original stories were created/adapted by Hanna Dahlkvist and Karl Hargestam for use in indigenous tribes

    Languages being translated

    Ba – Balochi 

    Am – Amharic  (Fanuel Dahlkvist)

    Or – Oromo (Fanuel Dahlkvist)

    Ru- Russian  (Dina Frihaven)

    Sa- Sami   (Nils Kemi)

    Id- Indonesian

    Bt- Buhtan

    Vt- Vietnamese

    Ch- Chinese ( Ming Zou)

    French (Dan Barber)  Haitian / Creole


    *Special thanks to Tatta Lennartsson for help with finding and encouraging translators

    Desperately needed translations (if you would like to partner with us and sponsor any of these languages please click the button above)

    Da- Dari

    So- Somali

    Gr- German

    Fr – French

    It-  Italian

    No- Norwegian 

    Kd- Kurdish

    Sn- Sinhala

    Tm- Tamil


    Kh- Khmer

    Po- Portuguese

    Ur- Urdu

    Hd- Hindi

    Cr- Croatian

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