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Insights on Story 1

Story 1 In the beginning Story 1: God and the Spirits Before there was heaven, earth or anything else, there was God. God existed before everything else. He has never been created. He has no beginning. He has always existed. He will always exist. He will never die. God is Spirit. He is everywhere at [...]

Insights on Story 2

Story 2 Creation of the World Story 2: Creation of the World God had a fantastic plan in His heart. He wanted to create something more wonderful than He ever created before, more beautiful than the angels. He wanted to make someone in His own image that He would love and care for very much. [...]

Insights on Story 3

Story 3 Fall of Man Story 3: Fall of Man Now God had finished creating Adam and Eve. He was very pleased with them. There was no fault with them. They were perfectly healthy. There wasn’t any sickness, death, hate, fighting, poverty or sorrow. God placed Adam and Eve in a beautiful garden called Eden, [...]

Insights on Story 4

Story 4 God’s Punishment and Promise Story 4: God’s Punishment and Promise Adam and Eve both disobeyed God by eating the fruit that He told them not to eat. God said to Adam and Eve, “You have disobeyed me and therefore, you have to be punished. You have to be separated from me. You have [...]

Insights on Story 5

Story 5 Cain and Abel Story 5: Cain and Abel Two of Adam and Eve’s sons were Cain and Abel. Abel worked with keeping animals. Cain worked with the soil. One day, both Cain and Abel brought offerings to God. Abel brought from his animals one firstborn lamb. He killed it, let the blood run [...]

Insights to Story 6

Story 7 Noah’s Ark Story 6: Noah’s Ark The descendants of Adam had filled the earth. They were all sinning greatly against God. God decided that He would send a flood over the earth to destroy all who would not repent and trust Him, because the punishment of sin is death. Among all of these [...]

Insights to Story 7

Story 7 Sodom and Gomorrah and Abraham’s promise Story 7: Sodom and Gomorrah and Abraham’s promise After the flood, Noah’s sons had many children. They spread over all the earth. Many years and generations passed by, but these generations did not follow God like Noah did. Instead, they turned away from God and did not [...]

Insights to Story 8

Story 8 Abraham’s Sacrifice Story 8: Abraham’s Sacrifice God had given Abraham and Sarah their promised son, Isaac. They believed the coming Deliverer would come through Isaac. One day, God told Abraham to do a most unexpected and difficult thing. God wanted to see if Abraham loved Isaac more than he loved God. God told [...]

Insights to Story 9

Story 9 The Passover Story 9: The Passover Abraham and Isaac’s descendants, the Israelites, were living as slaves in Egypt. It was a terrible time. When they cried to God to save them, God gave them a leader, Moses. Moses went to Pharaoh on behalf of the Israelites and told him to let God’s people [...]

Insights to story 10

Story 10 The Ten Commandments Story 10: The Ten Commandments God had delivered the Israelites from slavery and brought them out of Egypt. God began to lead them back to the land, called Canaan, that He had promised to give to the Israelites. The Israelites reached a mountain called Sinai. There, they camped in their [...]

Insights to Story 11

Story 11 The Golden Calf Story 11: The Golden Calf After God revealed himself to the people on Mount Sinai and told them the Ten Commandments, He went back up the mountain. Moses went up the mountain to God again. God then wrote the Ten Commandments on two stone tablets. He gave them to Moses [...]

Insights to Story 12

Story 12 The Tabernacle and the Sin Offerings Story 12: The Tabernacle and the Sin Offerings The Israelites had broken the commandments and sinned greatly against God by making the golden calf and worshipping it. God punished them for their sin. God always has to punish sin. The Israelites were sinners. They sinned over and [...]

Insights to Story 13

Story 13 The Snake on the Pole and Israel Into Canaan Story 13: The Snake on the Pole and Israel Into Canaan The Israelites took all their cattle, packed their tents and the Tabernacle and left Mount Sinai. They would continue their journey to the land of Canaan, the land that God had promised to [...]

Insights to Story 14

Story 14 David and Solomon and Israel’s Sin Story 14: David and Solomon and Israel’s Sin   God had led the Israelites through the desert into the land of Canaan. He had helped them to conquer the people there. Now they lived in their own land, the land of Canaan, which is now called Israel. [...]

Insights to Story 15

Story 15 Prophesies about the Deliverer Story 15: Prophesies about the Deliverer The Israelites had been in slavery because of their sin. When they turned to God, He had saved them and brought them back to their land again. When the Israelites came back to Israel, they rebuilt their cities and they also rebuilt the [...]

Insights to Story 16

Story 16 Jesus’ Birth Story 16: Jesus’ Birth Many years had passed in Israel since the last prophet had prophesied, but God had not forgotten His promise. Finally, the time came when God decided to send the Deliverer. God sent an angel named Gabriel to a virgin named Mary. Mary believed in God. She trusted [...]

Insights to Story 17

Story 17 Jesus’ Baptism and Temptation Story 17: The Lamb of God, Jesus’ Baptism and Temptation Jesus grew up and became a man. At this time, there was another man named John. He prepared the people for the coming Deliverer. John taught the people that they had to admit they were sinners and they needed [...]

Insights to Story 18

Story 18 The Kingdom of God, the Men in the Temple and Nicodemus Story 18: The Kingdom of God, the Men in the Temple and Nicodemus After Jesus had been tempted by Satan, He came back to the people and began to speak to them. Many people came to listen to Jesus. They were amazed [...]

Insights to Story 19

Story 19 Jesus Forgives and Heals Story 19: Jesus Forgives and Heals Most of the religious leaders did not like Jesus’ teachings. They started to hate Jesus more and more. They started to try to make Jesus say things of which they could accuse Him. One day, they brought a woman to Jesus and said, [...]

Insights to Story 20

Story 20 The Disciples and the Good Shepherd Story 20: The Disciples and the Good Shepherd Story: Jesus was walking around teaching the people that they had to repent from their sin and believe in Him to be saved. He forgave many people of their sins and healed people from sickness. Jesus did not only [...]

Insights to Story 21

Story 21 The Demon Possessed Man and Lazarus Story 21: The Demon Possessed Man and Lazarus Jesus healed many sick people. He also freed many people from evil spirits. One day, a man that was filled with demons came to Jesus. He was living among the caves. Many people had tried to tie him up [...]

Insight to Story 22

Story 22 The Samaritan Woman and the Bread Miracle Story 22: The Samaritan Woman and the Bread Miracle One day, Jesus and His disciples were walking through an area called Samaria. The people who lived there were called Samaritans. The Israelites hated the Samaritans. These two tribes were always fighting with each other. They would [...]

Insights to Story 23

Story 23 The Last Supper Story 23: The Last Supper The people had seen Jesus do many miracles. The people had forgotten Jesus was the Deliverer that would deliver them from their sin. Many people only believed Jesus was the great king that would come and wanted Him to become their king. The prophets said [...]

Insights to Story 24

Story 24 Jesus Arrested and Crucified Story 24: Jesus Arrested and Crucified After Jesus and His disciples had eaten, they went out to a garden called Gethsemane. There, Jesus started to pray. He was very distressed and troubled, even sweating blood, because He knew what He was about to do was a very difficult thing. [...]

Insights to Story 25

Story 25 Jesus’ Death Story 25: Jesus’ Death When Jesus was hanging on the cross, the people around Him insulted Him. They said, “He saved others, but He can’t save Himself. If You are Christ, come down from the cross, then we can  believe in You.” Jesus had all the power. It would not have [...]

Insights to Story 26

Story 26 Jesus’ Resurrection Story 26: Jesus’ Resurrection Now Jesus was in the grave and everybody thought it was over with Jesus. Do you remember what Jesus said would happen? He said He would rise again after three days. Three days after Jesus had been buried, there was another earthquake. An angel came down from [...]

Insights to Story 27

Story 27 Looking Back into the Old Testament Part I Story 27: Looking Back into the Old Testament Part I Today, I want to go through the stories I told up to now to show you God’s message to us through these stories. Do you remember when I told you about Adam and Eve? They [...]

Insights to Story 28

Story 28 Looking Back into the Old Testament Part II Story 28: Looking Back into the Old Testament Part II Do you remember when I told you about the Passover? God was going to send punishment over the Egyptians for their disobedience to God. All of their firstborns would die. There was only one way [...]

Insights to Story 29

Story 29 Your Decision Story 29: Your Decision Story: Through these stories, I told you about a lot of people who believed in God. I told you about Abel, Noah, Abraham, Moses and others.  They all admitted they were sinners. They believed they deserved to die. They also trusted in the Deliverer whom God said [...]